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Coverage Area

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Integrated Communications, I-LINK two-way radio Trunking communications system enables your business to communicate quickly, effectively and affordably with reliable high quality Motorola Trunking radios. Integrated Communications Introduces, Affordable, quality I-LINK two-way radio service. The I-LINK system has the best two way radio coverage in the Mid-South.

Using cost-effective, state-of-the-art technology. I-LINK service is an affordable, high quality communications choice for your business. Offering reliable, effective and easy to use two way communications without the high cost of cellular or digital. And, our low fixed monthly rate includes unlimited talk-time with one-to-many flexibility. Why pay for features and services you don't need! With Integrated Communications you can accurately budget your communications cost. That means no monthly "billing shock" associated with other higher-priced communications services. You're back in control of your communications service with Integrated Communications Trunking Coverage Area*

Coverage Area

*The coverage area shown on this map is approximate. Actual coverage may vary due to subscriber equipment used, terrain and atmospheric conditions. Use this map as a reasonable representation of coverage

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