Unity: On-Premise Video & Access

Avigilon Unity (formerly Avigilon Control Center, Avigilon Cloud Services, Avigilon Access Control Manager) is Motorola Solutions' on-premise security suite that centralizes video security, access control, and flexible cloud management into one platform. Its AI-powered video management interface highlights what’s most important across sites and it links access control events with video evidence. With enterprise-grade scale, you can support large complex environments with easy cloud-based access in the palm of your hand.

Access Distributed Unity Client Sites from Anywhere

Bring together video security, access control, and flexible cloud management under one
centralized and scalable on-premise video security solution, through Avigilon Unity.

Detection Technologies
Extend Video Security
to The Cloud
Advanced System
Health Monitoring

Avigilon Unity Cloud Services Platform

Avigilon Unity is an on-premise security suite that has all the hallmarks of the original Avigilon portfolio, including Avigilon Control Center, Avigilon Cloud Services, and Access Control Manager. It is designed for enterprises that want to manage their own systems.

Video Analytics That Automatically Learn And Improve
Transform your video security with Avigilon’s video analytics, which help you make the most informed security decisions with insights from Avigilon Unity Video.

Detect, Verify, and Act On Critical Events
Redefine how you interact with locally hosted video footage using Avigilon Unity Video. Maximize efficiency with automated alerts and real-time video previews. Make informed decisions with cutting-edge video analytics.

  • Search and Locate People or Objects
  • Centrally Manage Sites
  • Avigilon Unity Access Unification

Avigilon Unity Cloud Services
Access, manage, and control your security from the palm of your hand with Avigilon Unity Cloud Services. Centrally manage sites and cameras from a centralized location via browser or mobile device from anywhere in the world.

  • Access From the Palm of Your Hand
  • Simple and Secure Access
  • Real-Time Health Monitoring

Avigilon Decision Management System
Unify video, access control, and intrusion management with Avigilon’s Decision Management System (DMS) module. Customizable workflows improve security response time and consistency. Access the 100% cloud-based DMS module anytime, anywhere in the world through Avigilon Unity Cloud Services.

  • Single-Screen Interface
  • Simplify Decision Management
  • Collaborative Incident Reporting
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Avigilon Unity Access
Unity Access is a scalable on-premise access control system that can conveniently be used from your browser or mobile, allowing you to stay connected and responsive to alerts from any location and at any time. Elevate the security of your facilities to a new level with the Unity Access and Unity Video unification and enhance your situational awareness as these two powerful systems work together to safeguard your property, assets, and people.

AI and On-Premise Video Analytics
Increase efficiency, improve accuracy, provide insights, and enhance decision-making capabilities of your security team using Avigilon’s advanced on-premise video analytics.


  • Scalable On-Premise System
  • Access From the Palm of Your Hand
  • Automated Alerts
  • Real-Time Video Previews
  • Customizable Workflows


  • Increases Efficiency
  • Improves Accuracy
  • Provides Insights
  • Enhances Decision-Making Capabilities

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Avigilon’s end-to-end security solutions are compliant with global government regulations and built on a trusted, cybersecure platform ‒ all designed to help you focus on what matters most.

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