Solutions for Construction

We have a range of communication solutions that meet your unique needs and help you cut through the communication obstacles you face on a daily basis.

Solutions for Education

Our wireless systems offer instant communications and technology that allows your schools staff to communicate seamlessly over various devices – two-way radios, smart phones, desktop computers, laptops and tablets.

Solutions for Fire and EMS

When every second counts, we have the solutions you need to be able to share information seamlessly across multiple response teams, regardless of the device or network.

Solutions for Healthcare

We understand your challenges and provide advanced technology solutions for healthcare. Our integrated solutions can help you improve every day and emergency communications.

Solutions for Hospitality & Retail

Today, more than ever before, instant voice communication is the key to delivering a quality customer experience. Instant voice communication creates efficiencies that speed response times and improve operations.

Solutions for Law Enforcement

Your law enforcement team is tested and challenged every day. Our wireless solutions overcome technology obstacles so you can accomplish what matters – keeping your community safe.

Solutions for Manufacturing

There’s virtually no area of a plant where using two-way radios doesn’t improve throughput and productivity: enhancing employees’ ability to collaborate and act on real-time information.

Solutions for Transportation Companies

From the line to the loading dock, our multi-purpose two-way radios, accessories, and industry-leading applications ensure teams can communicate clearly and reliably.

Solutions for Utility Companies

Our solutions connect different personnel, facilities and equipment together to help your operation run more efficiently and safely, control infrastructure, and reduce risks and costs.